Metro Board Approves Bike Share Fare Reductions
Los Angeles Downtown News
June 6, 2018

DTLA – Trips on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s countywide-shared bicycles are going to get a little cheaper. Last month the Metro Board approved fare reductions and restructuring for its bike share program.

Under the approved recommendations, the price for each 30-minute ride will be dropped from $3.50 per 30-minute ride, to $1.75 with an additional $1.75 for each 30-minute trip thereafter. The fare is now the same as a one-way trip on Metro’s bus or rail. The board also approved a new one-day pass that costs $5 per day. After purchasing the daylong pass, every ride under 30-minute are free and $1.75 if your ride eclipses the 30-minute threshold. In addition, the 30-day pass was dropped from $20 to $17 and flex pass was eliminated in favor of a $150 annual pass. The fare restructuring will be implemented within 60 days. The reductions come as Metro rolls out plans to expand bike share into Silver Lake, Echo Park and Koreatown. Metro is also expected to further simplify the use of TAP cards for bike share. More information is available at Metro’s online blog,

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