IDA 61st Annual Conference & Tradeshow: Day 1 Recap
September 30, 2015

The South Park Business Improvement District (BID) attended the annual International Downtown Association (IDA) Conference & Tradeshow from September 30 – October 2, 2015 to learn best practices for nurturing a healthy, vibrant city center. IDA is an international network of diverse practitioners who transform cities into robust urban places, and provide support and insight to BIDs and other community organizers.

On Day 1 of the conference, stakeholders convened from across the nation and globe to discuss topics such as emerging technologies in downtown planning, the importance of urban design in city centers, a sampling of pedestrians-friendly practices in San Fransisco, and much more.

Featured sessions included, “The New Normal…How Retailers Think”, which covered the financial projection process retailers use to determine where to open new stores. Guests learned to talk in the same language as retailers to better understand their location selection process.

The breakout group, “Broken Windows: Community Policing & Quality of Life Issues”, focused on the power of the perception of crime in city centers, the need for community-based quality-of-life policing, and examples of various City’s successful efforts in alleviating homelessness and panhandling.

Finally, in today’s mobile workshop tour of San Francisco’s Castro district, guests learned about the perks of a pedestrian plaza, recent streetscape improvements that widened the sidewalks in the area, newly-planted street trees and neighborhood history plaques. In this workshop, emphasis was placed on the community process used in deciding what improvements to make.

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