DTLA’s South Park Nabe Gets New BID
By Kelsi Maree Borland
August 20, 2015

LOS ANGELES—The South Park Stakeholders Group, which overseas the South Park Business Improvement District, has launched South Park II, a new business improvement district covering the area adjacent to the South Park BID. The new territory runs from Olympic Blvd., the alley between Main St. and Broadway Ave., the 10 Freeway and the alley between Grand Ave. and Olive St. The new BID was formed in response to the increasing development activity in the area.

“Downtown L.A. has been going through a very expedited renaissance, and South Park in particular is really the final frontier of Downtown where there are still a lot of vacant lots for developers to really redefine the skyline,” Jessica Lall, executive director at the at South Park Stakeholders Group, tells GlobeSt.com. “The new South Park II area is the most primed to see rapid growth in the next few years. Given the type of development and investment being made in that area, I think folks in that area were really proactive about seeking out a BID. They approached the South Park BID really because of the South Park brand and because we are doing a lot of similar projects as that area; so, it was really a natural fit. The fact that the area hasn’t been maintained by a BID ever, but yet is surrounded by business improvement districts, you really notice a difference in terms of basic quality of life.”

South Park and South Park II will operate as two separate entities for the first two years. After, the South Park Stakeholders Group will look into merging the two into a single business improvement district. For the first two years, South Park II will focus on basic maintenance of the area. “The immediate goal is to get that area up to par in terms of basic maintenance, like trash, removing gum on the street, leaves—really basic cleanliness. We will really build relationships in terms of maintenance and safety and work with the population,” says Lall. “Right now, there is really no residential population, although residents will be moving in soon. We want to start working on retail attraction, neighborhood services and really branding the area as part of South Park.”

The area has not previously had a BID. It is surrounded by four other BIDs and the 10 freeway, and until now has been somewhat of a “no man’s land,” according to Lall. “It is really an interesting area in terms of their being no BID,” she adds. “There is really a broad base of people there, and a lot of the owners there want to be there for a long time. That is when BIDs are successful, when you have people that are sharing in a long-term vision.” The launch of the South Park II BID coincides with the South Park BIDs 10-year anniversary.

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